Lottery Singapore and Lottery Hongkong

Lottery Singapore

If you live in Singapore, you may have heard of the Lottery Singapore. This government-run lottery has been around since 1956. Players choose from one of four winning numbers. Prizes rise as the number of matching numbers increases. You can check the latest winning numbers at the official website or mobile app. If you’ve won the lottery, you can share it with other winners and claim the jackpot. Here are some ways to win big from the Lottery Singapore.

The official name of the lottery is Lottery Hongkong, and the proceeds go to the state’s education program. Around 50 percent of the proceeds go towards reducing class sizes in kindergartens and schools for young children. The rest goes towards repairing public schools to improve the quality of education and minimize safety hazards. Tickets for the lottery in Singapore cost around HKD ten and you can buy as many as three selections. Each of these selections has a different weight, so if you’re feeling lucky, your winning numbers may fall somewhere in the middle.

Lottery Singapore has several games, including the Toto game, which features the largest prize money – $2 million. Players match three or more winning numbers on the drawing ticket with the correct numbers on their playing cards to win. To purchase tickets for Toto, you can visit Singapore Pools outlets or play online video games. You can also watch the drawing live at the Main Branch. If you’re interested in playing the lottery in Singapore, you should try it out.