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Hello Gambia Investigates!

Less than 72 hours ago Thomas Cook Flight had to stop in Las Pal Mas to refuel as there is a shortage of fuel at the Banjul International Airport. One of the European passengers is an official working with our network she sent this information into our data base soon after they landed. She was freaking out because she had already prepared her mind for a fatal crash when a sudden landing was announced. She was thinking it was a technical issue but to her surprise and chagrin it turned out to be fuel shortage.

Word is spreading all over the place warning people who are planning to escape the severe in cold in Europe not to choose The Gambia. Per contents of the unofficial travel advise there are more risks in The Gambia than leisure or pleasure reserved for visiting tourists.

Dark clouds of fear, uncertainty and knee jerking feelings are traversing the open skies of Banjul.

Any traveler who takes the risk should not blame it on anyone where the dark side of a journey closes the chapter for th

  1. Modou Lamin

    few years back,2010, I was flying with the said air flight company from gambia, we had to land in Spain to refuel. what I gathered at the time was, jet fuel was very expensive in the gambia and the pilot probably know he had enough fuel to fly to Spain for refuelling, I believe this has to do with high pricing of jet fuel compare to Spain. it will be criminal and un professional on the side of GIA not to alert the commercial airlines landing or refuelling in gambia without alerting them of the shortage. my opinion. fuel is very expensive in gambia now, and this has a serious effect on the cost of everything, e.g, fares, cement, rice and so on.

  2. Anonymous

    Where is Yaya, the fabulously rich president, who is regularly donating vehicles, trucks and foods and medicines to all and sundry from the security services to Syrian terrorists masquerading as doctors!! Why can’t he show his well publicised magnanimity and donate jet fuel to the GCAA. So that ViPer Isatou Njie Saidy will have another opportunity to eulogise the Big Thief.

  3. touray

    i live in Sweden and i visited Gambia every winter and i booked through VING,and ving hired Thomas cook flight,and for last 4 yrs thomas cook flight landed in LASPALMAS for refueling,so if the author is talking about thomas cook flighs from Scandinavia to Bunjur landed in Laspalmas for refueling that is not new.

  4. Mbarodi

    I have been travelling with VING(Thomas Cook) to The Gambia for the past couple of years. All Thomas cook flights from Scandinavia en route to/from Gambia lands in Las Palmas or Tenerife to refuel and change crew members, This is the standard iternary for this route for the past 5yrs or more, it is clearly indicated on the ticket and in no way “sudden”. Maybe the author of this article is a first time traveller or maybe just trying to mislead the readers.

  5. yanks

    we need sucide boomers in the gambia..expecially the aprc meeting places..i will soon travel to faluja to seeking for this knowledge ?

  6. jammeh

    Gambians need to be aware of what they saying or praying for, the Gambia is very small and peaceful country I understand that people are complaining to the (THOMAS COOK) flight but that’s not the president responsibility to take care of the flight cause that’s not his flight that flight is for the Gambia and the flight belong to a company they are responsible for it. now say that the Gambia is worst place to travel the Gambia depends on tourism. Lets pray for our country cause the Gambia is our home land and is all what we have

  7. John Oakley

    Flew Banjul Gatwick via Las Palmas 3rd Feb, a minor inconvenience.
    Had a wonderful 2 week vacation, travelled throughout Gambia.
    Gambians are wonderful people, weather brilliant, but would somebody please ask the President to sort the Banjul ferry before MAJOR catastrophie

  8. L Evans

    Yes The Gambia is a wonderful winter holiday destination. Nothing changes much from year to year. Most tourist do not get involved with the political side of gambia and quite wisely I might add. Nonsense western untrue comments made about gambia does not help either , I am sure that most comments are from people that obviously have never been there and hopefully never will . I like the fact that The Gambia does not like being dictated to by other dictators. Yes they certainly need a new ferry. I went by small boat to barra (( not again very risky )

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