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The impoverished poverty stricken nation of The Gambia has recorded her first case of Ebola, sources close to the Jammeh Foundation For Peace Hospital have revealed. The female patient, who has developed the symptoms of the dreadful Ebola virus, could be seen vomiting and bleeding excessively. She was left to lie on the floor helplessly without being attended by Nurses and Doctors–amid a crowd of curious onlookers storming the hospital.

The Gambia is ill prepared in combating Ebola. The nation’s collapsed health sector is in complete disarray.  Basic drugs and bandages are not available in major health facilities.

The recorded Ebola case came in the wake of the lifting of flight ban imposed on Ebola ravaged nations such as Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea Conakry. The government said it was trying to meet a World Health Organization regulation banning discrimination against Ebola infected nations.

A source writing to us from The Gambia said: “Hi Pa, as I am writing to you, the  Jammeh Foundation hospital is full with people as fear of Ebola outbreak has hit the nation. There is a woman, who is vomiting and bleeding both inside and outside her body. The woman is laying on the floor helplessly.  No nurse or doctor  attended to  her. There is a growing fear that she has developed the symptoms of Ebola. Pa, do further investigation,” our source said.

A follow up to the story, our sources at the Jammeh Foundation Hospital confirmed the story. The Ministry of Health has not issued any statement yet on the nation’s first Ebola case.

Source : freedomnewspaper

  1. A Very Concerned Gambian

    It seems previous posts have been suddenly deleted for some reason! I hope there’s a genuine reason for this, otherwise needless to say this is quite disappointing to say the least if we claim to stand for tolerance of other peoples views. In either case, for the benefit of any doubt please find my previous posts below:


    Pa Nderry Mbai is born liar from freedomnewspaper

  3. A Very Concerned Gambian

    The above headline is worryingly misleading!!! This is coming from the objective mind of a very concerned Gambian free from bias and any political affiliation. I mean are you trying to sell news just for the sake of it.

    Based on facts on the one hand, and speculation on the other, then any open minded and objective individual will render the above headline as rumour mongering.

    We claim to love our nation, then why will one not even hesitate to publish such a tarnishing headline that brings such negative publicity to The Gambia and its masses (be it in country or in the diaspora). Have you even considered the repercussions such a headline has on the people of The Gambia?

    As the saying goes “be careful what you wish for!!!” It’s almost as if you’re wishing for the headline to be proven true merely for the sake of being right or to wield bragging rights. I think we should be considering a much wider picture. Without a confirmed positive test result as proof, but only for a report to confirm it on sheer speculation or unclear intentions, is worryingly misleading and does you no favours in the sight of journalistic professionalism, ethics, objectivity and impartiality.

    May the Almighty Allah(swt) save The Gambia and Muslims and people all over the world from being afflicted with the Ebola virus, and to those afflicted may Allah(swt) grant them healing, sabr and tawfiq Ameen. I think this should be our attitude and we should tread with extreme caution as far as reporting on Ebola in The Gambia is concerned. We all have loved ones in The Gambia who we should be putting first before any political agenda, as the Ebola virus does not discriminate on the basis of political affiliation at all.

    Instead, we should be tabling constructive preventive measures that can be implemented to benefit health authorities in The Gambia. Give credit where credit is due, it can’t be ALL bad and doom in The Gambia there must at least some good to find in The Gambia, this should prove quite refreshing to your audiences, but it’s quite seldom or if ever reported for some reason. It’s good to have some balance.

    Mind you, the west is also far from perfect, but are seldom criticised by your medium of communication in comparison to the other criticisms you levy for some reason; for instance encouraging The Gambia to lift the travel ban on Ebola torn countries by the WHO is certainly not in the best interests of The Gambia (especially assuming that The Gambia isn’t well equipped to cope with an influx), and this ought to be reported by anyone/journalist that claims to have The Gambia’s best interests at heart. The west has the cure for Ebola as demonstrated by the expatriates that caught Ebola and returned to the west only to be cured except for one African that returned to the US, but when it comes to saving the precious (but cheap in their eyes) lives of thousands of Africans, there’s suddenly much stalling and no cure to be found!!! Come on now… and we’re still relying on the west to have our best interestS at heart? Surely we can’t be that naive or gullible? Or are we?

  4. A Very Concerned Gambian

    Dear Madam

    Thank you, your concerns are noted. However, I am sorry, but regrettably, it seems you’ve misinterpreted or misread my quote or taken it out of context. For the purposes of clarification, please find below the piece of text that you refer to:

    May the Almighty Allah(swt) save The Gambia AND Muslims AND PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD from being afflicted with the Ebola virus, and TO THOSE AFFLICTED may Allah(swt) grant them healing, sabr and tawfiq Ameen.

    Now, I am sure that you will agree with me madam that christians are included in the category of “PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD” in the same way that the category of “THOSE AFFLICTED” does in the prayer (dua). In similar vein, The Gambia as a country automatically encompasses all its inhabitants irrespective of the various faiths or political affiliations its people may hold. I included Muslims on the basis that The Gambia is considered a Muslim country regardless – on the basis that the majority of the population (roughly 95 -97%) are considered Muslim.

    You may be interested to know that I am in actual fact a revert and thus coming from a christian background with a large number of my family members existing christians, I make no apologies to call myself a Muslim as my paramount identity. Alhamdulilah, reverting to Islam is the best thing that ever happened to me in my life. And no, I wasn’t brainwashed by the way, but instead objective and free from bias enough to accept the truth and divinity of the glorious Quran when I read and found the incredible miracles in it (one of which is that it has a whole chapter dedicated to Mary the mother of Jesus and emphasises that as part of being a Muslim, you have to believe in all the prophets that came before Muhammed (pbuh)), including Jesus and to accept Muhammed (pbuh) as the final messenger of Allah (swt).

    Had I not been objective and free from bias, then as a christian at the time, I would have never dared to even look into the religion of Islam only to find that Muslims also believe in Jesus, but christians generally do not believe in Muhammed (pbuh) as a prophet/messenger of God, but if they do, then they should be Muslims as I did. In fact, Muslims believe that Jesus was Muslim, it is said in the Bible that he submitted his entire will to God, he fell on his knees and prayed in the same way that Muslims today pray, and he did not claim to be God or be divine, neither did he ask to be worshipped in a trinity to be associated with God. Please be advised that I am not attacking your faith, but merely putting my findings from the wide readings of an open and objective mind free from bias.

    I have read on the Crusades in Africa and how Christianity was viciously (and at times in a very sinister manner) spread in Africa. I have read on the New World Order, the council of Nicaea, the Romans and Greeks and birth of Catholicism, the church of england and it’s infamous founder, and the protestants with their own ideas and the rise of subsequent sects each introducing their own distortions to the original text of the Injeel (as we now know as the bible). This raised so many questions and I found all the answers in the beautiful Holy Quran (which has never been changed and is memorised by millions) and the beautiful religion of Islam, which has all the answers to serve humanity and all its systems ranging from political to social inequality to ethics and science. It is a very holistic religion that promotes the seeking of knowledge and promotes peace to the extent that it is stated in the Holy Quran (5:32):

    “If anyone slays a person, it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people.” Therefore Muslims value the life of all human beings quite highly regardless of faith, despite the negative image that the western mainstream media depicts of Islam to make people think otherwise.

    There is thin line between Islam and christianity and Judaism as these three religions share a lot in common and are classed as the Semitic religions. Monotheism and Polytheism is a main difference. Although Muslims share monotheism with existing Othodox Jews (along with many other laws/commands of Allah swt; such as only eating Kosher/halal meat, not eating pork or drinking alcohol, and giving sadaqah), but they the existing Jews have not accepted Jesus and subsequently Muhammed (pbuh) as messengers/prophets of Allah, while christians practice polytheism by associating partners (the trinity) with Allah as stated in the Quran nor do they accept Muhammed (pbuh) as a messenger/prophet of Allah. The best analogy between them to my knowledge can be described as a boss asking his employees to work a full day from dawn till dusk under the instruction of three different supervisors in order to be paid a full days work. Among those employees you will find a first group deciding to quit by sunrise and demanding wages merely because they were not happy to follow a new supervisor’s orders who was about to take over from the prior. And then a second group deciding to accept the new supervisor, but only to quit by mid afternoon when there was another change in supervisor. Then there’s the third group of employees who managed to work the full day through three different supervisors all providing instructions as delegated by the ultimate boss. The aforementioned analogy depicts Jews, Christians and Muslims respectively. The first two groups have instead come up with their own rules shying away from or distorting initial direct instructions.

    I do believe that one of the greatest gifts given to man is the freedom of choice – to choose whichever belief and associated paths man chooses to lead confined to the bounded and unavoidable limitations. Therefore there is absolutely no compulsion in religion as stated in the Quran, thus no compulsion for you to believe in either religion if you choose not to believe, we are both entitled to our individual views and belief systems – you do have the limited freedom to believe whatever it is that you choose to believe just as I do, both within unavoidable limitations and outcomes – and I say limited freedom as I do believe that there is no such thing is absolute freedom. Just as parts in a car designed by Nissan will always be confined to the fuel (be it petrol or diesel) it has been designed to run on (regardless of how free or individual each individual part purports or choose to be). In other words, if the car is designed to run on Petrol, but it chooses to opt to run on diesel instead, then that car is unlikely to function optimally and would rather spell harm for the car. In similar fashion, as humans we rely on oxygen no matter how free we may think we are, such freedom is somewhat an illusion as we can never be free from the law of being dependent on oxygen for our very survival or from the law of inevitable/guaranteed death; neither do we know when we will die; thus we are not free from these crucial things that scientists may call the laws of nature; as a Muslim however, it is quite conceivable to consider such laws as the laws of the Almighty Allah (swt) who created/designed nature itself. Using the same rational as scientists do, it is rational to assert that design indicates a designer.

    Many thanks for your attention.

  5. marie saine

    When jammeh was humiliated 3 months ago in America came back to gambia with his lies in front of the TV “SAYING HE CAN TREAT EBOLA” then what is d difference of his lies and Pa Nderry story, let stop being hypocritical here. Even if there was ebola God forbid, do u think any health worker would “DARE” report it to the authority in the watchful of jammeh regime b’cos of being scared to speak out then pls let’s just be mindful.

  6. APRC-1

    Marie Hessew Saine,now am very convinced you are mad. I suspected this but I wasn’t sure. You can never be cured again, you are fucked for ever. This is why you can’t get a boy friend.

  7. fafa cham

    marie saine…the above post is full of sense. you are evil lady and like the writer said “be careful what you wish for.” personally, I think you are the dumbest donkey head here. you never talk sense but just to agitate people. I can see why your husband broke your jaws. please go check yourself at the hospital because your madness is beyond repair.

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